LINE UP CHANGE: Sadly Spencer Flay can’t play but we are lucky to have one of our favourites Stevie Nicole Brown step in as a late replacement.

Matt Johnson & the Reprobates

Matt Johnson & the Reprobates

When: 22:15 – 23:15

Matt Johnson is a Midlands based Singer / songwriter who really wears his heart on his sleeve at the same times as completely captivating his audience.

His subjects range from his family and the love of his life through to his view of the world now and his opinion on the plight of the oceans and our wildlife.

Hehas a fantastic ear for melodyand bulids a hook into every song that has his audience singing back at him by the second chorus.

Equally at home alone on stage with his acoustic guitar and trusty onion or supported by his super tight band, The Reprobates.

Five venues, one ticket, only £20